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    Death himself is behind Fred ago. The running and running through endless corridors, where coins lying around everywhere. Collect as many as possible because they may help Fred to escape this nightmare. Help Fred to escape death in a frantic race full of obstacles, collect coins on your flight and inviertelas buying new abilities and upgrades. Beware that this is one of those games that you engage.

    Need help poor Fred, literally saved from death! And Fred will have to run through a lot of levels, with many obstacles and still make acrobatic pirouettes and collect many bonuses in the form of gold coins. Games take a lot of pleasure! Good luck!

    Key features Raning Fred:

    - The abundance of acrobatic maneuvers
    - Dozens of tricky traps
    - A myriad of game modes
    - Hundreds of skills
    - A wide range of characters
    - Bleed the character of Fred with bonuses
    - Continue to play Running Fred on different devices


    Control of the game
    move – arrows, jump – space or X


    The protagonist of the game "Running Fred" - a man with red hair and bulging eyes. Accept his identity and try to escape before the terrible lady with a scythe, which wants to rob you of the most valuable, that you have, that is the precious life. When your running for saving his life and do not forget to collect coins that are on the playing surface. Death awaits you at every turn. The only way out is to run fast, dodging dangers, jumping over obstacles and do not look back. At your disposal are only two arrow buttons, Left / Right, and the space bar to jump (double tap the space bar - double jump). Also you can play the best baby hazel games online for free on babyhazel.us